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Gift Cards

With DMS's Gift Card Solution your business will increase sales and enhance customer retention. This easy to use program will improve your brand recognition and can replace your current paper-based gift certificate program. Our program reduces fraud, breakage, and theft by allowing you more control of the issuance, redemption, and usage of an electronic gift card. These cards make great gifts and can be custom created for your business.

It's a tried and true strategy. An important tool to retain existing customers and increase sales is a gift and loyalty card program. DMSs "Loyalty Card" is an ideal way to customize an incentive program for your business. The card can also function as an "electronic gift certificate" that can provide you with added revenues and larger sales. They also offer the ability to track customers, resulting in valuable information that can be used to create marketing plans that directly respond to competitors' strategies.

The start up costs for these programs are minimal and the returns are great. Please contact DMS today to allow us to help you set up a program that is perfect for your business.

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